Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We are MOVING!!!

wahoo!!! we are moving!! it has been quit the change of events over the last few weeks. skyler came home for a visit on the 1st of july for a 2 week visit then he was going to head back to texas for the rest of the summer. well, while he was here he got a call from destination homes, who he was hired with before he went to texas. (they were only going to do commission, and we needed to have more of a base). they told him that they have a new development in Ammon Idaho that they are desperately trying to get a good realtor on. And basically begged him to move up there. so after several interviews and such, we have decided to go!!! horray. we are on the path to being grown-ups. which means that i get to maybe have a house here in the next year or so. now, truthfully i am not so thrilled about the location, but i can't really complain. it is only a few hours away from both of our families and is in a beautiful location. so... i won't be a party pooper and ruin the greatness that is this new adventure. even zoia is excited so i guess that says everything. (although skyler did bribe her with a new puppy, courtesy of dan and brittany butler!) anyway, so that is the new big stuff. will probably keep you posted!!! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

ya ya ya

okay, so yes, i am a HORRID blogger, who's surprised!! but this is for stacie and scottie and amy and anyone else who has commented on me being a slacker!!!! i really am sorry, i didn't think that anyone gave a crap about the things that i said on my blog! i figured if you wanted to know, you would call or email!! but since i did get calls AND emails saying UPDATE YOUR BLOG, i decided to do it!
so here is the latest on me and my lil family.....
skyler left us at the first of march to help a friend with some sales in texas, since he is the greatest salesman since sliced bread... and was suppose to come home the first of july. but seeing as he is doing well, he has decided to stay through the end of the summer, at least! so, z and i are here, without him... yes, feel bad for us. we get to see him about once a month or so, which is always pretty fabulous until we have to part from each other again and well, those moments are pretty much HORRID!!! but i suppose it could be way worse, he could be fighting for our country and be gone for much longer, with much more excruciating lapses in between visits!! ill count my blessing for that.
i am doing pretty good myself. i FINALLY finished my bachelors degree, which i will continue to shout out over the roof tops until something more remarkable happens. but yes, it is true, it only took me ELEVEN years from start to finish! and 3 different schools, but i guess that is just how i get things done!! i am hoping to start some kind of grad school in the near-ish future. i have just decided that i LOVE psychology and i need that to be a part of my life. whether it be in clinical social work or clinical psych, either way, i guess clinical is my thing. i just hope that it doesn't take another 11 years to get there.
on a separate me note i have been doing something recently that i absolutely love. and i have been keeping it quiet for sometime, but i have decided that i am such an advocate of this process that i need to share it with people. i have become an egg donor and have been helping couples who want to have babies, become families and parents. and it is the most beautiful process. if you are interested in more info on it, please please talk to me about it!! it really is one of the most incredible experiences!! and because of my most recent donation, i was able to take my family to so-cal, which was AWESOME...
we did disney and sea world and the zoo and the beach and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! who knew that the terrible twos could also be such a fabulous time!! z was just wide-eyed and thrilled the entire 10 days!!! it was SO much fun.
ummm, what else.... we've had a couple weddings and a couple buns in the oven in our families, which is exciting. (im especially excited that there is no bun in my oven... WAHOO!!! i thought that the baby-hungry thing was suppose to kick in by now... no signs of loving that baby stuff again, yet!)
i am ever so anxious to get my own house that i have started going through houses around here, even though skyler is gone AND there is pretty much no way we could get into one right now. but i suppose i am just being blissfully delusional. bummer.
and well.... i think that is pretty much it...
i hope that this was fill enough for all of you!!!
lots of love!!!


There are so many great pictures and i can't get my disc's from Inkleys to even OPEN!!! ya, i am not the greatest fan of them these days! so as soon as i can get it all to work, i will post more pics from our trip!! in the mean time, these ones are pretty good!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

new pics

This is our Xmas morning, that didnt start until 1230 pm because "slept in"!! Merry Christmas to mom and dad! As you can see she was happy to be hangin out with her santa stuff.

Breakfast with Santa was SO fun this year... We went down to Lehi and stayed in a hotel over night and we told Zoia we were going to see Santa and she said "OH MOMMY, WE ARE GOING TO THE NORTH POLE?" so the rest of the weekend was spent at the "north pole"! she loved it!

Our new family photo, not my fav, but it;ll do.

I love this pic, we were with some cousins at temple square and she was just so happy to be with them, she loves her cousins.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

new pics coming soon & i need addresses

so much has been happening in the last month and i have lots to say, but i can't get my photos to upload, and we all know how boring it is to read blogs without photos, so when i get that problem fixed all will be up to date. in the mean time i need addresses for xmas cards. so if you want one, you best get me your address!!! :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Halloween, almost!

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5258721914818259490" />
When I asked Zoia what she wanted to be for Halloween she said a ghostie..... so here is my little ghostie all ready for her party!! (and since she is over the top about princesses this little crown, complete with spider webs and a spider, seemed to work out perfectly.)

i don't know if you are a shocked as i am but she let me put face paint on AND spray her hair white!!! and she loved it. she thought it was the coolest ever.

While Suzie and I chased Z and Jared around attempting to get a shot of them together, they just ignored us and went about their business. 2 year olds.... so fabulous!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my "beautiful" little girl

Okay, so this kid LOVES halloween. She literally makes me take her to any kind of store on a daily basis where she can look at halloween decor. She loves EVERYTHING halloween and literally the scarier the better. she also loves to wear halloween stuff, so this is her halloween outfit. (and just so you know, the kid doesn't like to smile for the camera so most of these are TERRIBLE, bit there is one that I love...)